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The Joy of Plant Based Living

Welcome to our community, where we are on the mission to be the change

Why Become Vegetarian

Planet earth is our only home, and we are its caretakers. We have approached an era in the history of humanity where it is imperative that we must learn how to take care of our home and all of its inhabitants.

There are many things we can do in our personal lives to make a difference, take a proactive stance, and be a part of the global movement for planetary survival. Through the practice of plant-based living, we are learning how to eat and live more compassionately —to let our fellow sentient beings live out their lives, to be responsible for the health and well being of our families, and to be a better caretaker of our Mother Earth.

We are here to encourage and support you on your journey to a more compassionate way of living.

Cows feeding on grass

For all Sentient Beings

Sentient beings are all beings that have feelings and emotions. The choices that we make with our lifestyle can bring suffering to ourselves and other beings. By choosing a compassionate lifestyle, we learn to feel the pain of others as our own and reduce suffering.

Prairie and wind turbines

For the Planet

What we choose to eat everyday has a big impact on the environment. Even small changes in what we buy and eat can make a large impact in reducing the effects of climate change and preserving our natural resources.

Person jogging

For Your Health

We have the ability to choose what foods we eat, so when we choose our food we are choosing what level of health we want for ourselves and our family. Consequently, because we do not live in the world alone, we are also choosing the level of health for the planet and our fellow citizens. What level of health and vitality do you wish to choose?

"All Life Deserves to Live"

- Buddha


Temple relative

"A plant-based lifestyle goes beyond what we eat, it is also about having love and gratitude towards the life around us."


Temple relative

"I think plant-based foods are just as tasty or even better than meat based products. Plus, it is healthier for you and for the planet, so it is a win-win situation!"


Temple relative

"At school, a lot of people ask me why I don't eat meat. I tell them that I don't like supporting animal cruelty."